Malte Weiß
Based in Osnabrück, Germany

Release date:
28th April, 2023

Steam (Windows, Linux, MacOS)
Itch.io (Windows, Linux, MacOS)


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Re:Touring is a first-person puzzle game in which you'll explore the abandoned Luoni Energy Competence Center and uncover the facility's history, navigating through a total of 26 varied levels. Using a retro-style computer, you'll create color patterns to control elements such as doors, platforms and lasers. Each mechanism is carefully introduced to make the game accessible to everyone.


I started working on Re:Touring in 2017 after having the idea to build a puzzle game featuring turing machines stuck in my head for years. As a fan of similar first-person-puzzle games I loved the challenge to explain this very technical concept to the player using only gameplay instead of a text tutorial to create a challenging game that will introduce new mechanics without overwhelming the player. This is my first game I developed to completion in my freetime while working as a fulltime software engineer.


  • Solve varied puzzles by creating matching color patterns
  • Uncover the history of the facility by searching for clues in the game
  • Most levels will introduce a new game mechanic
  • Hint system will help you if you get stuck
  • Accessibility features like closed captions, color presets for color blindness and simple controls


Gameplay Trailer 


TuringGame 02.01.2023 20_23_54.png
Re_Touring 14.01.2023 18_28_49.png
TuringGame 02.01.2023 20_02_33.png
TuringGame 02.01.2023 20_09_05.png
TuringGame 02.01.2023 20_05_02.png
TuringGame 02.01.2023 20_02_57.png
TuringGame 02.01.2023 20_07_50.png
Re_Touring 14.01.2023 18_53_00.png
TuringGame 02.01.2023 20_27_57.png
Re_Touring 14.01.2023 18_30_31.png
TuringGame - Corridor_Small - Windows, Mac, Linux - Unity 2022.1.16f1 _DX11_ 06.10.2022 00_34_05.png
a_TuringGame 02.01.2023 20_06_23.png
TuringGame 02.01.2023 20_33_02.png

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About Malte Weiß

Hi, I'm Malte Weiß (alias MooltDev), an indie game developer located in Osnabrück Germany developing games in my spare time. On April 28th 2023 I will release my first game Re:Touring, a first-person-puzzle game, on Steam and Itch.io.

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